Year Completed: 2008

Genres: Action/Distaster/Creature

Stars: George Stults, Dawn Olivieri, Michael Shamus Wiles

Director: Andrew Prendergast

Ex-cons Tim Nolan and Gwen, along with two others, have been kidnapped and shipped to a deserted island, where they will take part in a twisted game run by wealthy entrepreneur Vincent Camden. The captives will be thrown onto the island and hunted down by a group of millionaires, all who have suffered some kind of loss at the hands of an ex-con. This is their retribution. But once on the island, the hunters become the hunted when everyone discovers that it's inhabited by a mythical, ferocious beast. With no way off the island and Camden still in control of the boat, Nolan and Gwen must find a way to defeat the creature and re-capture the ship before they all end up prey to the Hydra.